FEL Avionics is an independent stockist and distributor of quality electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical components. One of our mission statements is to meet and exceed industry norms; thus offering reliable products and second-to-none levels of efficiency. This commitment to excellence is also exhibited in our standards and practices, as we adhere to the criteria set forth within the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 framework as well as the recommended guidelines of the National Defence Industries Council (NDIC).

One of the reasons why FEL Avionics is capable of tackling a wide range of dedicated defence needs arises from more than 30 years of industry experience. This talent is then used in synergy with a dynamic workforce and the ability to access a vast array of in-house components. We are therefore capable of addressing avionics requirements on regional, national and international levels.

Above all, our cadre of professionals is committed to continuous quality improvement within this ever-evolving industry. These are a handful of the reasons why reputable organisations have sought out our services over the years. Should you wish to obtain additional information or to enquire about a specific component, we can be reached via our online contact form or by telephone. We look forward to hearing from you.

Avionic Aircraft Spares

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    We are pleased to announce that as of 8th March 2019 FEL Avionics Ltd was purchased by the owners of CVC Components Ltd and BSL Express Spares Ltd and has relocated to their offices in Essex.

    FEL Avionics Ltd will continue to service and trade customers independently.
    We look forward to working with all existing and future clients.