Avionic Aircraft Parts Spares

The directors, management & staff of FEL are totally committed to defined quality systems, & the Companies quality manual contains all the key elements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

The organisations aim is to provide the Customer with quality products & the highest standard of service, prime concern is performance criteria whether to ISO9001-2008, Mil-spec or European Standards.

  • UK DEFENCE STANDARDS (Defence Standardisation)
  • U.S MIL-SPEC (Qualified products. (QPL) Certified by DSCC)
  • U.S Federal Specifications/Standards
  • British Standards (BS)
  • CECC (European Electronic Component Standards)

FEL works under the set of reference guidelines for Customer Support Performance Standards, as issued by The National Defence Industries Council (NDIC).

This document provides guidelines on support issues for both Industry- Industry and Prime Support Contractor – Customer performance standards

FEL guarantees the confidentiality of all Customers classified information.

The confidentiality of operational aspects of Customer data will be respected.

FEL personnel having access to Customer & product information will have received training on, & understand, the relevant security classifications.