Boasting more than three decades of experience, FEL Avionics brings together innovation and cutting-edge electronics in order to provide our customers with quality solutions at competitive prices. We also believe that sourcing such materials should never represent a confusing or time-consuming process. This is why our team possesses an extensive in-house inventory of mechanical products and subsystems.

Regarded as the World’s largest specialist stockist and distributor of GEC Marconi Defence Systems, BAE/Plessey Defence Systems, Racal Decca, Marine spares. FEL Avionics offer a servicing/refurbishment solution to all BAE/Plessey Radar Systems (S511, Martello, Watchman, AR-51, AR325, AR327) Naval Radar ( 994, 996 ) Ground Radar ( AR3D) Worldwide. Our team offer onsite fault diagnosis, training, product support, system engineering and full overhaul facility for your radar.

All spares are system tested offering full guarantee. FEL Avionics also offer a partnership plan, to lease/lend specialised sub-assemblies.

With their vast data library, access to BAE Radar Engineers, tailored engineering solutions and TWT test facility, FEL Avionics Ltd are more than capable of servicing your requirements to prolong the life of your radar.

FEL Avionics is headquartered out of Chelmsford in Essex and we are pleased to offer a host of components to a growing list of clients. We currently support a number of recognised defence organisations and we would be more than happy to speak with you further. Those who are interested to learn more about our dedicated avionics services are encouraged to contact one of our team members at their convenience.

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