Aircraft Avionic Parts Spares

FEL is an approved supplier to the U.K Ministry Of Defence, under registration numbers 2JSF01 as a company of assessed capability.

FEL also operated under the NSCM vendor/cage code: U9259 Preservation, packing & distribution of spare replacement parts is in accordance with DEFSTAN 81-41 part 1.

FEL also provides a direct extensive service to a number of overseas Government Procurement/Agencies or Purchasing Offices in London or the In-Country Organisations.

We have many representatives throughout the world, for a full list of details, please contact us.

Supplier to the following OEM’s

  • BAE Systems (Formally GEC-Marconi Defence Systems)
  • Thales ATM
  • Airsys (Thomson Siemens Air Traffic Control Management)
  • ICAO: (International Civil Aviation Organisation)
  • Selex UK
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