Aircraft Avionic Spare Parts

There is no doubt that the defence industry is growing at a breakneck pace. While such advancements are obviously essential, they are not without their fair share of obstacles which need to be overcome. Some of the most challenging situations which procurement executives will often face can include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Dealing with rather impersonal avionics suppliers.
  • A loss of expertise as the result of expansion.
  • Difficulty outsourcing quality spare parts.
  • Product obsolescence.

When these situations are then combined with costly investments in both time and manpower, it becomes clear that more effective solutions are required. This is when FEL Avionics can help.

As we solely focus within this market sector, we are capable of providing targeted avionics solutions as well as superior levels of customer support. We also boast an extensive inventory range; over 90,000 components. Whether referring to standard capacitors and resistors, board-level products or Siemens Plessey/Thomson engineering solutions, FEL Avionics aims to please. The end result of this approach is that defence contractors and individual customers can enjoy excellent levels of service, reliability and satisfaction. Anyone who would like to discover our full capabilities is encouraged to speak with a customer service representative.

Airsys/Thales ATM being a core element of its business

The “Watchman” system being a major part of that business strategy. FEL would like to summarise capabilities in this field and they are as follows:

  • A comprehensive range of spares (piece parts/LRU’s etc) new and or tested
  • TWT’s at competitive prices with short lead times and the provision of maintenance (re-gunning) services
  • Modern test and repair facilities with fully documented results
  • FEL specialise in replacement power supply units used in the “Watchman” Signal Processing Rack the original units now being obsolete
  • FEL have the facility to support both conventional and raster scan displays and can also offer a full colour raster scan replacement if required
  • FEL have the facility to manufacture specialised waveguide items (which are often stated as being obsolete by the OEM)
  • FEL is currently working on an alternative solution for the integration of a Plot and Track Extractor with the new displays to replace the obsolete “Plessex Plot Extractor” which should be available during 2004
  • FEL can offer Technician Training courses for all levels
  • FEL’s Technicians were all trained either by Plessey, BAE, Marconi and AMS
  • Engineering/Installation services
  • Large range of genuine Plessey & Marconi spares